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“Folsom Prison” The Kingdogs at Key Arena
Big Bang
Bill Bradley
Chris Egerton
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Crying Out Loud
Crying Out Loud, Harbor Island, Seattle WA
Eagertones (early days)
Eagertones (in the early days)
Eagertones – Astor Park – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Eagertones – Black Leather
EAGERTONES – Chemical Dump
EAGERTONES – Ink and Needle Tattoo
EAGERTONES – Love Song 21
Eagertones – Smash It Up
Eagertones at Hall Of Fame, mid 80′s
Eagertones at the Embers?
Eagertones Dinner Party?
Eagertones Line Ups Over Time
Eagertones Love Song 21
Eagertones Media
Eagertones Seattle Live Music Band Members Over Time
Eagertones Songlists
Eagertones Version One. Picture taken on Halloween cruise, Puget Sound.
Eagertones, Astor Park, Rev
Eagertones, version one, picture taken on top of Dutchman studios
I Just Want To Make Love To You 07182009
Ian Fisher Tribute, part 1
Ian Fisher, the Cowboys, Seattle
It’s Not the Way
Kingdogs – Ball And Chain Ricks Birthday 07182009
Kingdogs – Train Kept a Rolling 07182009
Kingdogs at Club Motor, Seattle, April 17th 2009
Kingdogs at Finaghtys 02/06/2009
Kingdogs at Pat’s Bar and Grill | Cornucopia Days
Kingdogs Play “Rockbottom” at Rick’s 50th Birthday
Kingdogs playing at Rocksport in West Seattle
Kingdogs Rocksport Poster West Seattle 09/26/2009
List of some of the people who planned on attending the Eagertones Reunion Show
Other Seattle Bands
Outsider – Eagertones – The Embers
Rawmoans Trading Card
Ring Of Fire The Kingdogs – Key Arena – Seattle Wa
Rock Rock
Sean Onnery (AKA Shaun Koth)
The Delineators
The Drip Drys
The Eagertones (Version I ~ 1982 -1983)
The Eagertones (Version II ~ 1984 -1985)
The Eagertones (Version III ~ 1985)
The Eagertones (Version IV ~ 1986)
The Eagertones (Version V ~ 1986-1989)
The Eagertones – “Midway” – Cerebral Palsy Telethon
The Eagertones – Henry VIII
The Eagertones – In On The Action, from the album “KYYX 96.5 FM Local Heroes and New Faces
The Eagertones – Ink And Needle Tattoo
The Eagertones – It’s Not The Way
The Eagertones – Love Song 21
The Eagertones – Rock Is What You Got
The Eagertones – Rock Rock (this must be the stone age)
The Eagertones – Shanghai Shanghai’d
The Eagertones – Sharkskin Boots
The Eagertones – Sorry Boy
The Eagertones – The Cut
The Eagertones – We’re Only Kids
The Heat(er)s “In Your Town”
The Henchmen
The Kingdogs – “Ting A Ling 07182009
The Kingdogs – Please Give Me Something
The Kingdogs – Ring Of Fire 07182009
The Kingdogs at the Jet 01/29/2009
The Kingdogs at the Rock Bottom – Brand New Cadillac
The Kingdogs at the Rock Bottom – Secret Agent Man
The Kingdogs at the Rock Bottom – Twenty Flight Rock
The Kingdogs: A Look Back
The Shakes
Venues Seattle, Washington Clubs Live Music
What I Like About You – Eagertones – Club Motor – Reunion
Where Are They Now?

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Eagertones Twenty Year Reunion – All Ages Show (Wrap-Up)

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